We accelerate early-stage companies through capital and expertise, allowing them to focus on science, research, and development.

We help researchers accelerate their biomedical research into clinical practice, specifically in the areas of cell and gene therapies, regenerative medicine, organ engineering, reverse aging, prescription drug therapeutics, medical devices etc.

Researchers, patent inventors, start-ups and academic spin-offs will find "ready to use" GMP labs for clinical research and clinical trials, including key technologies.

The Incubator is also within the perimeter of investors who can fund further clinical research and transfer to the final product.

Quickly and efficiently

We are here to help you transfer your basic and applied research to outputs easy, fast and cost effectively.

We are here to help you transfer your basic and applied research to outputs easy, fast and cost effectively.

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Ready to use labs:

  • GMP laboratories for the development and production of allogeneic and autologous cellular regenerative medicine products
  • Centre for in-vitro cell testing
  • Laboratory of cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics
  • Laboratory of Applied Nanotechnology and Microtechnology
  • Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Laboratory of Electron Microscopy
  • Centre for Biomodel Programming
  • Autologous cell procurement theatres
  • Automated workplace for the development and production of pharmaceuticals based on human cells
  • Two operating theatres
  • Medical gas and pure water distributing systems

Ready to use technologies:

  • Alogeneic robotic cell line
  • Drug production labs (GMP compliance)
  • Medical device labs (GMP compliance)
  • Vital and non-vital particle monitoring
  • In-house microbial control (BactAlert)
  • Qualitative and quantitative QC methods — flow cytometry, PCR, ELISA, cell counters, microscopes (ordinary, FLD)
  • Full scale QA / QC management of whole manufacturing process, 4x QP
  • Bar codes and Labeling, traceability
  • Ensuring chain of identity, ensuring CE compliance for all materials and consumables
  • In-house donor / patient registry (EU / CZ legal compliance)
  • GLP in Laboratory for Quality Control (sterility testing)

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